Mother and Son

Johnnie (4 years old): You smell like poop.

Maria (26 years old): You smell like poop.

Johnnie: You smell like poop and garbage.

Maria: You smell like poop and garbage.

Johnnie: You smell like poop, garbage...and cats.

Maria: .......you win, my friend, you win.

How do you top cats? Really? This kid's a genius. I'm imagining a smell that would most likely come from one of the houses on Hoarders. I should be really offended that he would say such a thing to me, his mother, but instead I'm kind of proud in a twisted way. Like I almost did something right.

Aw, I think he's going to do well in school.


  1. I feel ridiculously excited to be the first to comment on someones blog! WOOT!

    I'm also a stay at home mother of a 4 month old boy. I am equally jealous and appalled by your son's genius insult! I agree that your son will do very well in school based on his keen nasal instincts. This goes really under appreciated in schools these days.

    As for my son, he insults me daily by bursting into tears or mocking laughter whenever I try to sing to him. I have really lofty hopes that by age 5 he'll be the youngest judge on American Idol.

    So, I feel inclined to warn you that I'm in an introverted funk during this time in my life and my blog reflects as much.... just sayin, in case you decide to wander over to see who the hell is taking over your blog with one single comment...

  2. Thanks for commenting and following! This totally made my day! :)

    Having two kids myself I totally understand that "introverted funk" you're talking about. Let me know if you ever wanna talk about how awesome pajama pants are and how they should be more widely accepted outside of the house.

  3. Love the simplicity of your humor, so you've been shared on FB. My nieces with young sons will get a kick out of it. Their kids are logic geniuses, too. My daughter has already "liked" it. BTW--found your site through your comment on hyperboleandahalf. :) Keep up the good work!

  4. love your blogs! =]

  5. Donna: Thank you so much for the kind words! It's really scary to put myself "out there", ya know? :)

    Anonymous: Sign up, sign in and join the party! A-yo!