Right Now:

My kids are up way past their bedtime and playing with a big inflatable football player thing in the living room. I am in the bedroom hiding in a corner so I can have some "me time".

My husband is making me a grilled cheese sandwich because they are delicious.

I smell like a giant gyro because I worked at my dad's restaurant today and have yet to take a shower. Shower's are for the weak.

Not to confuse anyone, I do bathe regularly and do not think "shower's are for the weak". Just sometimes. Like right now.

Jeff just brought my sandwich to me and my youngest followed him, found me in my corner, and is now begging like a dog for my sandwich. He's actually whimpering like a puppy.

I'm way too tired to do anything productive but the night owl in me wont go to sleep. Or it could be the Redbull I pounded around 7.

My sandwich was yummy. I may ask for another.

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