The Countdown Begins

With Thanksgiving inching closer and closer I am reminded that my days with my beloved fall decor are numbered. Don't get me wrong, I love love LOVE my Christmas stuff (My sister-in-law calls my Christmas decor a "catalog Christmas", I choose to take it as a compliment.) but I equally enjoy my autumn things. I took stock of what I have and realized a startling revelation. Aside from my wreath, all my fall stuff are pumpkins or various heights, colors, and textures. Apparently I really like pumpkins. Would you like to meet them? I thought you would.


These adorable little guys are my only "Halloween" decorations. Everything else can just be filed under Autumn.


These two cute pumpkins are some of my kids favorite things to play with. Nevermind that they have boxes upon totes upon storage containers of toys. Because, really, who needs toys when you can play with metal pumpkin thingies?! Yay!


This here is my pumpkin shelf. That middle tan one is the newbie, I just bought her the day after halloween. :) Please ignore the chipped paint on the shelf. It was originally white but I've been spray painting it brown about once every year for the past seven years or so.


Hi buddy. This cute little bugger is my leftover candy dish. After my family devours all the good stuff after halloween this is where all the gross leftover pieces that no one ever really wants go.


See? Like this.

But then after awhile we'll all get so hard up for candy that we'll end up eating the stuff we don't even like. It's a vicious cycle we endure year after year filled with guilt and disgust. And sugar.

I can be a tad dramatic.

So what's going on in your house? Have you already swapped out the seasonal decorations or are you trying to hold on to the last lingering moments like me? I'd love to know! :)

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