Oh! Hello There!

Hey, how have you been? Long time no see! Come around these parts often? Me neither, apparently.

If you couldn't tell I have been absent for awhile and while I had all these awesome pictures and stories to share with you guys it probably isn't going to happen for another week or three or eighteen because my computer has given me the middle finger. Allegedly, someone has bogged it down with computer games and pictures. Allegedly.

My computer is a freebie from a family friend who builds computers for funsies (...I guess...) and doesn't have some fancy data/picture/music burning do-hickey program on it but "someone" has loaded so much stuff onto the poor beast that at any moment it's about to blow and everything I love will be destroyed. All right, it's not quite that dramatic, but it feels like it cause I really could lose all my pictures. And I like my pictures. And since it is so full of pictures and other important things like The Sims that I can't even install any CD/DVD burning software. Woe is me. (A normal person would just say, "Uninstall The Sims and then reinstall it later", but I can't because I can't find the box the game came in and it's got a code on it that is needed when installing it. Wow, I'm a nerd.)

Anywho, my solution is to head off to Best Buy and get one of those flash drive thingamajigs and figure out how to work that thing and temporarily make some room so I can get the CD/DVD burning software installed. Then we can really get this show on the road.

Now to make you guys like me again I'm gonna leave you with this:


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