You Probably Shouldn't Even Bother Yourself With Reading This...

I drank way too much coffee today so right now I'm feeling like I need to clean all my bathrooms from top to bottom, hit up a Joann Fabric's hard, and finally clean out the 'too small' clothes in my kid's closets. With a slight case of paranoid anxiety underlying it all. Fun times. Most likely I'll just alternate between hanging out on the computer and crocheting flowers. I'm really into crocheting flowers right now.

Wanna know how I was able to get myself into such a state? Because I FINALLY bought a full-sized coffee maker from Walmart yesterday for only, brace yourself, $6.88. Seriously. Obviously it's the lowest of the low when you're talking about coffee maker quality, but who cares? I've got crack in a cup. Yay!

On a completely unrelated topic (that is really probably something best for a Twitter 'tweet' or something or other but I'm getting old and Twitter scares me) Johnnie was talking to my husband about numbers earlier today and Jeff asked him what his favorite number was. Johnnie didn't even skip a beat and told him that his favorite number is one. And the reason? Because it's easy. Hmmm.

And then he sang a song about it.

I apologize for this abomination masquerading around as a legitimate post. Because it's not.

P.S. Did anyone watch Glee last night???? I did and do you know who's freakin' excited it's back?? This girl. And Puck is still hot. Just sayin'.

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