Why Today Sucked, A List

-I overslept and then was rushed getting the boys and myself ready to take Johnnie to school. This resulted in not realizing what temperature it was outside and thus we were all overdressed. This brings me to my next reason...

-It was freakin' 80 degrees outside! Which sounds like it'd be awesome for the end of September in Washington but it was muggy as hell. I was not a fan.

-My lovely husband decided to put his slacks for work in the dryer instead of ironing them this morning to get the wrinkles out and didn't check his pockets. There is now blue ink all over a whole load of laundry that I had already had in there. Any suggestions on how to get the ink out will be greatly appreciated.

-My fat jeans fall off of me and my skinny jeans make my muffin top more...muffiny.

-My one year old was the crankiest little turd all day and refused to take a nap.

-And then, my one year old puked in the bread aisle of Safeway. I guess that explains the crankiness.

-I procrastinated again and didn't make some important phone calls that I've been putting off doing. This brought an odd mixture of guilt and relief. Until tomorrow.

-My house is super hot.

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